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How to live out JOY

There is certainly a difference between happiness and joy. Happiness is determined by what happens. It is external . Joy is internal yet dependent on an external Source. THE Source of life. It bubbles up from the inside in the darkest of days. When everything surrounding you displays darkness and chaos, joy has a way of oozing, even out of your wounds. It is a miracle in itself because only a Living God can give joy in the midst of darkness and chaos. There was an old song that said “this joy that I have, the world didn’t give it me. The world didn’t give it and the world can’t take it away”. It Is something that is not human or innate. It is a gift from the very nature of God. A gift of the Spirit. Because He is such a merciful God His gift of joy is so bountiful that He can never run out. This is how supernatural joy is. It is absolutely locative, yet you can take it EVERYWHERE. It’s locative but you can take it even into the depths of Sheol. How is it that we pass it up like it’s a cookie or brownie and nothing particularly special. We don’t even realize the comfort of joy in our worst circumstances. The aid of joy when our arms are too weak or bruised to lift them up, this joy springs up from the inside knowing who your God is. It’s a grievous thing to have a home, a family, a marriage, a job, a single life, and yet there is no joy. God brought you out of your worst days but you refuse to hold onto joy. To not be able to look at your circumstances while all hell is breaking loose and not locate your mind, will, emotion, and spirit in the place of joy. It is a shame to me when I hear actual believers complaining. It gets under my skin and the response is “well I’m human!” Well technically (in my smarty pants voice) we are spirit beings having a human experience. We are not of this world. Scripture tells us that. Is it maybe that we have stopped referencing Scripture when it comes to our life? Is it possible we have set aside joy to cleave to happiness? It is the reason you can find a single mother who has gone through hell and back, on a fixed income with great love and joy in her heart. Then find a millionaire with everything at their fingertips and still struggle with depression. Happiness is fleeting. But Joy, it lasts through the darkest nights. And even in those God awful nights of brokenness and weeping, the promise still remains that JOY comes in the morning. I encourage you to recall the goodness of God in your life. Get in the location of joy. Don’t just visit, LIVE THERE!

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