Updated: Aug 2, 2019


Insecurity is such a huge problem in our society as we are constantly bombarded with the “I” factor. I have not lived long but this is the first time I’ve seen such a thirst to satisfy the “I”. The me, myself, and I. We post pictures and videos with filters to perfect how we are seen by the world. We are opened to seeing many people around the world and every new craze is glorified. Don’t believe me? How many people do you know that used the baby or old person filter? It’s not bad, just strange when you think about the impact of social media and how we as a society are constantly looking horizontally when it comes to our outlook and intake. Rather than vertically. No wonder we are suffering from insecurity. We have the wrong point of view. One day I was speaking with my amazing Aunt and we were discussing the Word. And trying to impress her I began using all these theological terminologies and as she was making us breakfast the way only Aunt Dana can she said “Honey, that’s all nice and great; but what do you know about the promises of God for you? Have you ever read His Word to see what God says about Tiffany?” And it was like my vision went from standard to panoramic. I had not realized my identity as a woman as a believer was coming from everything else BUT the Word of God. My life from that moment changed. All the way down to gender equality when she helped me realize we were literally created equal as Genesis 2 tells us that Adam looked and said “you are flesh of my flesh, bone of my bone” and when the scripture says man it does not necessarily mean male. It actually means HU-MAN. The word is Adam meaning human. And is in no way a gender term. Learning this even my mindset about feminism had to change. I began to refuse petty arguments about which gender is superior and began to walk in great confidence that we were created equal from the beginning not because of my opinion but because the Word of God says so. Being a woman in a so called man’s world was no longer an insecurity and because my walk was altered by truth the men around me began to view me differently because my eyes were vertical and no longer horizontal concerning this issue. And I wondered how many things have I been viewing incorrectly. I began to read in Psalms and really take in the relationship between God and David, the king after God’s own heart. I read the Gospels, seeking the Character of Christ. His kindness and compassion. I began to fix my eyes, my heart, and my mind totally on Him. I wish I could say it happened overnight. It did not. The more I learned Him the more I had to UNLEARN myself. The more I had to stop my own reasoning from creating self injury actions. What do I mean? I mean if you look back at many choices, how many insane (doing the same thing expecting a different outcome) choices did we make based on an insecurity? Or even ignorance? Too many to list. I thought of all the men I dated and all the ridiculous choices I made simply because I did not know what God said about me. I had heard an immense number of prophecies and yet I was clueless as to who I was. But God (cue organ) shifted my whole life when my focus changed. The scripture says:

“and my people, who bear my name, humble themselves, pray and seek my face, and turn from their evil ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sin, and heal their land.”

‭‭2 Chronicles‬ ‭7:14‬ ‭CSB‬‬

Why is it so important for us to shift? How do we humble ourselves in an age of self?? Why is this contingent? There are certain things that are absolutely locative. God’s love? No. He loves us no matter what. David said “if I make my bed in hell, there You are in the midst”. I love that passage because he explains if I make MY bed in hell. Meaning if I am the reason I’m here, there You are in the midst”. It is such a powerful statement. The location of His love is everlasting. We can never run out. However, there is a peace that only comes in the presence of God. Moses said “if Your presence will not be there, don’t send me” (Exodus 33:15) in the Exegesis it says “if Your face is not there” Moses was aware that God is everywhere but what is it about the face of God that he could not dwell without. When it comes to things being locative with God, it’s never out of stock. You can take it to the bank every time. You just have to show up. You won’t go to Him and not find peace. He answers the door every time. We are the ones who have a difficult time when He knocks. Feeling insecure is not a horrific act. It does not make you a bad person. It simply strips and robs you from the ability to look up and see God. It takes the sense of purity away because there’s always this disapproval and comparison. You’re not able to truly love other people because you’re always comparing. No wonder the scripture says “love your neighbor AS YOURSELF” (Matthew 22:36-39) which is the second of a two part answer Jesus gives when asked “what is the most important commandment of all?”. We must first love the Lord with every part of who we are. Then love our neighbor as ourself. Which means self love must already be established. It is difficult to be insecure when I truly love myself. It’s hard to talk harshly about myself when I am in love with my Creator. It would be like loving someone and hating their kid. Some kids I love deeply simply because I deeply love their parent. The weight and impact of insecurities can be too heavy to carry around all day leading to frustration and exhaustion from always trying to be perfect in a time filled with false perfection. So I pray that every weight of insecurity would be lifted off. That our minds would be focused on God like never before. That there would be such a turn and shift in our thinking, first about Who God is, then about who we are IN Him. That we would love freely because we first love God, then ourselves so we can love the world correctly. That we would not settle for a victim mentality constantly offended or defending because of fear or intimidation but that we’d be like a tree planted by the water unmoved, consistently providing fruit for the people and shade for the weary. I break every generational curse that has tried to come and demean the reality of who God has called us to be. That we would love like never before and live for God like never before. Help us to stay focused on You and You alone oh God. In the name that is above EVERY name. Amen!

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