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The Chase

I am asked, like most single people, “How are you still single?”. The answer is not complicated. I am chasing after God. I have met many great men after God’s heart but have yet to encounter God’s best. I don’t mean perfect I mean God’s perfect choice for me, Tiffany Hooks. A woman worth while knows her value and does not wait on a man, because a man who recognizes her value will never wait to act. He will recognize within himself that he simply won’t live the rest of his life without that woman. Some men take longer to grasp this. Which is fine. Because if I’m running after God and a man is not at my pace, I can’t slow down because of him. I have to keep running and if he catches up, he catches up. If not all is well. And one thing that is vital. If a man is running faster than me, I refuse to grab onto his heel because that will trip him up causing us both to have to stop the race. I love my brethren too much to grab his heel and trip him for my own selfish reasons.

My advice is to chase God, and God alone. You cannot follow God’s will and fail. Jesus followed His will to the cross and was risen from the dead. Chasing God can only bring life. Because He can not deny Himself, He is and will always be ever Faithful. His nature outlasts all because He is everlasting. So hold all your hopes in Him. Chase, pursue. Hosea 6:3 says “if we PRESS to know Him, His going forth is as certain as the dawn. And He will come to us like the rain...” You may find yourself running into God’s BEST! Not because of us but because He is always Faithful.

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