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The Journey To...

The journey to...

I have heard many times in the last month that the journey is more important than the destination. That God is in the details. This is ABSOLUTELY correct! The more you journey, the more you realize the details are impeccable. Now, I’m not saying they always feel good. But somehow, God has this incredible way of causing even the worst things to work out for our good. According to Word Picture it is for our ultimate good, and for HIS purpose. I was watching one of my favorite documentaries called “The Privileged Planet” and I could not help but to believe Romans 8:28 even more. Why is it that we are so quick to get confused about this? Something goes wrong and we forget this passage. Why don’t we trouble our trouble? Torment our tormentors? If the Kingdom of God suffer violence, and we the violent take it by force, why are we the victims? Have we lost the reality that our reality is more spiritual than we realize? That our weapons are not carnal? I fear one of the things we have forgotten the most is to put on the helmet of Salvation. Safety and deliverance, which is what Salvation is, over the mind is not just good. It is imperative! It should be nonnegotiable. When we bleed we ought to bleed the bliss of Salvation. Salvation should not be after death but here and now. When Christ prayed (Matthew 6:9-13) He specifically asks for the will of God to be done here on earth as it is in Heaven. Which indicates that His will in Heaven can be manifested on earth. How amazing would it be if we could grasp this on the journey and not just wait until the destination to live in it. If Christ Himself said it, it must be possible. My prayer is that we are not so consumed with joy being at the destination, Salvation being at the destination, PEACE being at the destination, that we do not receive it in the storm. That we do not have peace in the fire knowing our Deliverer has created every element and that every element serves Him!

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